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First party data growth

66% increase in identifiable data in 6 months , 20 X growth in enriched and completed profiles

Scalable Revenue

40% increase in monetisable users in 3 months by running cross-functional sprints

Rapid CDP deployment

Super fast implementation of a CDP within 4.5 months by astute planning and vendor managements

Data integration

Choose the right vendor and implement a vendor screening questionnaire/ RFPs/ checklists. Choose and project manage the vendor for best results.


We help you create, discover or iterate models for data expansion and personalization. Create the process discipline for model onboarding / Mlops and finalize data taxonomy and productize data with a clear roadmap.

Data Enrichment

Ad Revenue Growth

79% growth in programmatic revenue by augmenting capabilities of operating teams

Case studies

Spectra Global helps your business with digital advertising, CDP, Marketing automation, and CX improvements for digitalization led hypergrowth.

India's leading OTT media broadcaster

Executed the bold Contech vision.
Grew monetizable user by 40% . Improved programmatic revenue from 0-14%
Built the ad product and ops team

Large Japanese conglomerate

Raised $60 mn of strategic investment in telco data business

Created a new JV for investing and scaling digital telcos

Indonesian media congolmerate

Built their CDP in 5 months
Increased new revenue streams via programmatic (79% growth) and audience driven revenue ( 0 to 18% in 6 months)

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