We are the Data Craftsmen your business needs, not just a data lake

Make data truly your strategic asset
Reduce tech costs of managing data by choosing right architecture
Build and run customer data platforms
Activate your data
Our "Activitalize Data" toolkit  assists across your data journey from ingestion to activation making sure you generate revenue and ROI in the shortest possible time

Our Process

Spectra stewards the data initiatives of the organization to help you reimagine data in the cookieless future.

'Activitalize' your Data

Activate Your Data Potential: Utilize Spectra's "Activitalize Data" toolkit to define your data strategy, assess the potential of your current data assets, and identify areas for improvement to drive growth

Data Enrichment

Acquire and Enrich

Acquire the Right Data: Source first-party, privacy-compliant data to support your strategy, while optimizing the user experience and journey for data capture.
Evaluate and carefully select third-party data vendors for augmentation, ensuring a smooth and efficient data acquisition process.

Build or buy a CDP 

Build a Scalable Data Infrastructure: Choose the Right CDP Vendor and Architecture. Design and Implement a Customer Data Platform to Centralize Your Data and Create a Unified Customer View. Ensure a Privacy-Compliant, First-Party Data and Cookieless Environment with Robust Metadata and Data Cleaning.

Unlock Data Insights

Unlock Data-Driven Insights: Turn your data into action with our process discipline for model onboarding, MLOps, and clear roadmap for data taxonomy and productization. Get started with discovering, creating, or iterating models for data expansion and personalization today!".

Activate data use cases

Leverage data to support your marketing, product, and revenue operations. We help you identify the right use cases, implement data-driven solutions, and measure their impact. By continuously A/B testing and iterating, we ensure that your data is always driving the highest return on investment for your business.

Optimize, Monetize

Optimize Data Flow: Ensure efficient data value chain by productizing the workflow and connecting relevant tech, people, and systems.

Maximize Data Value: Continuously monitor and improve data performance to drive growth and create scalable revenue by monetizing data

Scale your Revenues with a Precise Playbook

Our expertise lies in aligning marketing, CX and product teams for optimal results, combined with our Build-Operate-Transfer services for media companies, and our Martech and Digital Maturity Toolkits, we empower you to achieve  immediate results in your  digital strategy

Partner with us and take your business to the next level of growth today

Chief Growth officer

Growth is not driving sales but building a scalable revenue model

Assess your scalability using our Martech Maturity Toolkit

Our Martech Maturity Toolkit focuses on checking 6 aspects of your marketing team to ascertain growth potential .

Build the right personalization and CX for engagement

Personalized customer experience require immense heavy lifting across data, product and marketing teams , share that load with us

Drive a digital DNA culture of experimentation, MVPs and fast pivots

Move Experimentation from the basement to the boardroom. We help CEOs understand what is working and what needs to be fixed for growth

Build your growth engine team

Cross-functional business builders are not easy to find. Even if you have them, they work with less guidance. We make them fly !

Accelerate using ground breaking partnerships

The unleveraged P of marketing are partnerships. However growth via partnerships need patience and nurturing. We help you accelerate your partnerships and use them as a lever

Transform to Growth Mindset

If you are large organisation , getting people to commit to the next big thing is arduous. We work with you with our growth partners to make it happen

Our customer sets

Media and publisher

Empower Your Media Company: Build a First-Party Data Strategy that Safeguards against Third-Party Cookie Deprecation. Create High-Performing Audiences that Advertisers Want and Drive New Revenues with Programmatic and Team Augmentation


Unlock Data Driven Marketing Success with Spectra:
Build a solid foundation for your marketing strategy with our expert CDP and first-party data platform building.
Experience streamlined, efficient marketing automation and  and activate high-performing, cookieless audiences


Unleash your Data Potential
Harness the power of data-driven approaches to monetize your digital telco and improve customer experience for hypergrowth. Compete with superapps and lead the way in the digital age with Spectra

Companies helped
70 mn+
Value generated
400 mn+
Data Profiles handled
New Products Incubated

Data Activitalize Toolkit

Spectra stewards the data initiatives of the organization to help you reimagine data in the cookieless future.

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